Aloha and mahalo for your interest in supporting Mitch Roth for another term as Hawaii County Prosecutor. Together, let’s continue to make Big Island communities safe and healthy.

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In the last 4 years, the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney under Mitch’s leadership has successfully prosecuted tens of thousands of cases, and has also accomplished the following:

  • Helped reduce juvenile crime by over 50%
  • Obtained funding and grant supervision to open the Big Island Juvenile Intake Assessment Center.
  • Helped to significantly reduce traffic fatalities on Hawaii Island
  • Obtained funding and started a Sexual Assault Unit which has been improving the response and prosecution of these cases. 
  • Brought “Faith” Hawaii County’s 1st Courthouse dog.  Faith helps victims and witnesses with trauma
  • Secured Millions of dollars in grant funds to improve the criminal justice system and help partnering non-profits make Hawaii Island Safer and Healthier
  • Helped start the Veteran’s Treatment Courts in Hawaii County
  • Successfully indicted and prosecuted several Cold Cases
  • Helped start the Hawaii Island Honors award program to acknowledge and honor Excellence in Teaching
  • Helped advocate and obtain funding for Camp Agape. A camp for children with incarcerated parents.
  • Helped organize and sponsor Domestic Violence problem solving and educational summits.
  • Obtained funding and started a Restorative Justice Unit in the office.
  • Helped create a victims memorial garden. 
  • Worked with countless community groups to address crime in their communities.
  • (The Office) was recognized by the Auditor of the Finance Department as being exemplary for accuracy and thoroughness.
  • (The Office) had employees who were selected as the County Employee of the Year and as the Manager of the Year.

Join the conversation with Prosecuting Attorney Mitch Roth to continue making Hawai‘i County an even better place to live by solving crime and community problems together.

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